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Thank you for putting this information together on rhythm and timing. I’ve been through your entire book and find it to be incredibly clear and useful. I’ve been taking group lessons for two years with my wife and I still consider myself “rhythmically challenged.” I’ve looked at a number of sites on the Internet to try to find answers about dance timing, and can even read music, but none of this helps. Your material is great, especially the tip about the “slow” steps being “step hold,” and I’m beginning to think, for the first time, I may actually get this. Keep up the good work.
Mark from New York

What a great book! My story is similar, I was taking dance lessons and it wasn’t really working for me. I’ve had teachers counting salsa as ‘one two three-ee, four five six-ix’ then I went to swing and it was ‘1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3’, and in the country class there was the more confusing ‘quick-quick-quick’, ‘slow-slow’, and ‘sssaa-low’…. You can understand the hard time that I had. Being a technical person (computer programmer), a more technical understanding was needed…. Having more printed materials will be a gift to the dance world.
Eric from Canada

This new book, written by James Joseph, contains many hints and techniques to make ballroom dancing more enjoyable. It is based on the teachings of the renowned dance educator Skippy Blair. According to the author, the book is aimed at non-dancers, newbies, and beginners. In my view, however, it contains so many useful hints and techniques, hardly ever taught by dance teachers, that it is a book which can be of help to all dancers, regardless of level, and it should be a must-read for dance teachers.
René Zgraggen,