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Every Man’s Survival Guide to Ballroom Dancing:

Ace Your Wedding Dance and Keep Cool on a Cruise, at a Formal, and in Dance Classes

By James Joseph

6″ x 9″ Paperback – 149 pages  – $14.95

BlueChip Publishers (2010)

ISBN 978-0-930251-44-4  LCCN 2009908151

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Lean how to satisfy a woman on the dance floor. Learn the basic principles common to all music and dance, enabling you to walk onto any dance floor and perform an admirable dance, with any partner, to any music, with confidence and grace. Free instructional video clips at

JAMES JOSEPH used to hate to dance. He took his first beginners’ class in 1984, and he may hold the record for the most beginners’ classes ever taken. His current aspiration in life is to become a geriatric ballroom dance gigolo on cruise ships––but he’s not old enough so he kills time by writing. His prior books include, Working Wonders: 60 Quick Break Techniques to Beat Burnout, Boost Productivity, and Revive Your Work Day.

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