Hear the 8-count in music

The key to hearing the beat is listening for the “8 count,” also known as a “set of 8” or a “dancer’s 8.”

set of 8 aka 8-count or dancers-8
The secret to hearing the beat of music

An 8-count is a rhythmic grouping of 8 beats. It’s like a “sentence” of music. You can hear sets of 8 in almost all music (waltz is in sets of 6). With practice, you can train your ear to hear “the 8s.” Most of the music you hear every day — popular, mainstream, Western music — is structured in sets of 8 beats. Sets of 8 define the beat. So, if you can identify the 8-count, you’ve found the beat.

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Let’s count some music

You may have heard sets of 8 your whole life and didn’t know what they were. Check out this four-minute video of me counting sets of 8 to some popular music. See if hearing the sets of 8 is something you already know:

The 8-Count versus music theory

Check out this 5-minute video, “Intro to Sets of 8 – How to count music,” which explains why a set of 8 defines the beat (it looks at the relationship between a set of 8 and the musician’s four-beat measure):


Geek-out with this chapter from my book: “Counting Music: Finding the Sets of 8”

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